The GCDS curriculum is comprised of seven ministry training tracks, each with seven levels of learning, for a total of forty-nine learning modules available to each student. The seven ministry tracks are Preaching, Teaching, Healing, Story, The Arts & Imagination, Christ Formation and Contextual Semiotics The seven levels of learning within each track are Novice, Apprentice, Specialist, Docent, Maven, Master and Mentor. While the courses within each ministry track do not have to be taken in a specific order, all seven levels of learning are required to complete the track.

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All the Global Church Divinity School courses are sequenced for progression In level of difficulty, from Novice to Mentor. Each course is designed with cutting edge methodology to move you through higher levels of knowledge and application for powerful results. GCDS does not compete with Bible Schools, Institutes or Seminaries. GCDS does not offer ordination of men and women for ministry. The Global Church Classroom provides a state-of-the-art environment for individualized courses, community cohorts and face-to-face learning taught by key Christian leaders from around the globe.

Both Gutenberg and Google, with expertise in all media forms of communication & story-telling including Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, Vimeo and Online Streaming.
Communicating the Jesus Story on the Lecture Circuit through professorships in authoring books and resources for the church.
Church health is found in the Sozo Jesus who heals relationships with individuals, communities, and cities: mental, physical, emotional health.
Biblical studies is reframed as learning, not only as 66 books, but as One Masternarrative. Historical studies unfolding the never-ending story of the God’s Love for mankind.
A Theology of play teaches the rapture of being alive in Christ through the three transcendentals of being: beauty, truth, goodness.
Including MRI-based (M=Missional, R=Relational, I=Incarnational) Personal Prayer, Spirit-Empowerment & Faith Coaching.
Entrepreneurial Ministries, Leadership Development, High CI [Contextual Intelligence] Cultivation, & Intergenerational Ministries yoked to a theology of trusteeship and creation care.

The Board of Governor's Award will be presented to those students who have demonstrated a knowledge of all seven levels of learning for all seven ministry tracks. This world class award will be given face-to-face in the Omega Ceremony, with fellow students.
The Board of Governor's Award will be presented to those students who have demonstrated a knowledge of all seven levels of learning for all seven ministry tracks. This world class award will be given face-to-face in the Omega Ceremony, with fellow students.
Once the student has completed all courses for Novice and Apprentice, he/she will receive The Dean's Award. If a pastor has chosen for his/her church to be a divinity school, he/she will host an awards ceremony to pass out this prestigious award to them.



Definition: Minimal knowledge without connecting it to practice. Tends to see actions in isolation.

Direction: The student will learn the basics in all seven GCDS learning tracks.



Definition: Working knowledge of key aspects of practice. Tends to see actions as a series of steps.

Direction: The student begins to make connections, applies skills and seeks affirmation.



Definition: Good working and background knowledge of areas of practice. Sees actions at least partly in terms of longer goals.

Direction: The student manipulates multiple concepts, synthesizes, with metacognition.


Learning to others

Definition: Deep understanding of discipline and areas of practice. Sees overall picture and how individual actions fit within it.

Direction: The student is able to evaluate and create. He or she is self-directed and looks for new learning opportunities.


Learning toward other and the future

Definition: Possesses authoritative knowledge of discipline and deep tacit understanding across areas of practice. Sees overall picture and alternative approaches; has vision of what may be possible.

Direction: The student is knowledgeable in all GCDS ministry tracks and is capable to apply all principles and practice to mobilize people.


Learning within himself/herself and in the hears of his/her colleagues

Definition: The student knows what needs to be achieved and has vast knowledge of the subject and situational applications. Sees and understands immediately how to achieve the goal; has vision of what is possible.

Direction: The student transcends reliance on rules, guidelines and maxims. Progression is from a rigid adherence to rules to an intuitive mode of reasoning based on a fluid understanding.


Leaders to help save the world

Definition: The student seeks to add compounding value into people’s lives; moving from adding to multiplying what he/she has learned both biblically and practically worldwide. Sees the world through a Christ-centered paradigm and knows how to bring impact during his or her lifetime.

Direction: The leader has a willingness to share skills, knowledge and expertise in the seven GCDS ministry tracks and beyond.

The GCDS approaching the learning process from a pragmatic viewpoint. Rather than teaching everything that there is to know on a particular topic, each global teacher has presented the very essence of the topic’s most important concepts. He/she has provided wisdom, knowledge and application from life experiences and from personal study intended to provide dynamic outcomes for pastors everywhere.

360-Degree Teaching 

Over a ten-year period, the Global Church Network® hosted strategic summits in every world region, with more than 10,000 leaders attending from hundreds of Christian denominations and organizations. From these key global leadership meetings, the seeds for the Global Church Divinity School were planted. Today, the Global Church Divinity School brings “the circumference of Christianity” to each student. This “360 Degree Teaching” is the most comprehensive training available in the Body of Christ today. 

Learn from the Brightest Minds Today

Each of the GCDS teachers have contributed their best teaching in their specialized field of ministry. There’s never been a Global Church Classroom where 54 of the 100 teachers have earned at least one PHD from a highly recognized seminary or university.  These teachers include:

  • Howard Hendricks
  • Kay Arthur
  • Philip Jenkins
  • Alex Tanuseputra
  • David Ramirez
  • Walter Kaiser
  • Elmer Towns
  • Mathew Barnett
  • Kathleen Patterson
  • Mark Balmer
  • Leonard Sweet
  • Fred Luter
  • Kenneth Ulmer
  • Gary Smalley
  • James Hudson Taylor IV
  • George O. Wood
  • Gustavo Crocker
  • Frank Damazio
  • Leon Fontaine
  • David Mohan
  • Mark Williams
  • Dave Stone
  • James O. Davis
  • David Dykes
  • John Ed Mathison
  • Stan Toler
  • Adrian Rogers
  • Ronnie Floyd
  • James Merritt
  • Suliasi Kurulo
  • Glenn Burris
  • Jack Hayford
  • Enoch Adeboye
  • Johnny Hunt
  • Doug Beacham

The Global Church Library®

The Global Church Library consists of the finest authors from throughout every world region. Doctrinal balance is maintained through a diversified screening committee that reviews resources on a consistent basis before new resources are posted in the Global Church Library. Teachers and authors include:

  • A. T. Robertson
  • Ademola Ishola
  • Adrian Rogers
  • Alexander MaClaren
  • Alex Mitala
  • Alton Garrison
  • Andrew Murray
  • Andy Stanley
  • Bill Winston
  • Billy Jo Daughtery
  • Brian Houston
  • Casey Treat
  • Charles Spurgeon 
  • Dale Bronner
  • Daniel Akin
  • David Cooper
  • David Sobrepena
  • David Uth
  • David Mohan
  • Doug Stringer
  • Ed Young
  • Eddy Leo
  • Gary Smalley
  • Heidi Baker
  • James O. Davis
  • James Merritt 
  • Jim Garlow
  • John Bevere
  • John Bunyan 
  • Leon Fontaine
  • Kay Arthur 
  • Paul Walker 
  • Randy Pope
  • Reinhard Bonnke 
  • William Bright

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