World Class Training Partnership

Through the synergistic efforts of Dr. Leonard Sweet, Dr. Kenneth C. Ulmer and Dr. James O. Davis, the Global Church Network has forged a global relationship through the Global Church Divinity School. It is now possible for you to obtain the finest teaching while continuing part-time or full-time in ministry. You do not have to stop what you are doing, relocate to a new city, or incur astronomical debt in order to receive high-level ministry training that will help you succeed in fulfilling your divine destiny.

Through the GCDS, you have the opportunity to personally and professionally achieve many dynamic credentialing levels in seven powerful ministry tracks. These highly recognized, credentialing achievements are awarded to Christian leaders, who stair-step through the Novice, Apprentice, Specialist, Docent, Maven, Master and Mentor learning levels of understanding and application. The crowning credential, Omega, is only issued after all the ministry tracks have been fully completed.

Dr. Elmer Towns, Cofounder of Liberty University has made available the Elmer Towns Legacy Library for all Global Church Divinity School Members. He serves as the GCDS Dean. The Elmer Towns Legacy Library consists of more than 1 terabyte of ministry resources valued at more than $15,000. The Elmer Towns Legacy Library consists of more than 225 books in 50 languages, along with every teaching lesson that he has given over the last 50 years. Dr. Towns has taught more than 260,000 students.

Credentials & Awards

The Global Church Divinity School® offers 8 Educational Credentials with 7 levels of learning in each. Each GCDS track and level has been developed to equip Christian leaders with the finest principled and practical training.

  • Preaching

    Communication Arts

    Both Gutenberg and Google, with expertise in all media forms of communication & story-telling including Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, Vimeo and Online Streaming.

  • Teaching

    Parenting, Catechist, Bible Studies, Lecturers & Authors

    Communicating the Jesus Story on the Lecture Circuit through professorships in authoring books and resources for the church.

  • Healing

    Pastoral Vocation

    Church health is found in the Sozo Jesus who heals relationships with individuals, communities, and cities: mental, physical, emotional health.

  • The Story

    Scripture, Traditional, and Historical Studies

    Biblical studies is reframed as learning, not only as 66 books, but as One Masternarrative. Historical studies unfolding the never-ending story of the God’s Love for mankind.

  • The Arts & Imagination

    Worship, Liturgy and Creativity

    A Theology of play teaches the rapture of being alive in Christ through the three transcendentals of being: beauty, truth, goodness.

  • Christ Formation

    Christ Formation

    Including MRI-based (M=Missional, R=Relational, I=Incarnational) Personal Prayer, Spirit-Empowerment & Faith Coaching.

  • Contextual Semiotics

    Missiology, Ecclesiology, Synergistic Networking

    Entrepreneurial Ministries, Leadership Development, High CI [Contextual Intelligence] Cultivation, & Intergenerational Ministries yoked to a theology of trusteeship and creation care.

  • Omega

    Upon the completion of all 7 ministry tracks, the student will have a face to face 3 day intensive with 30-40 students, with one of the Board of Governors members.

The Global Church Divinity School offers 3 Awards as for the completion of recognized milestones within the 7 tracks and 7 levels.


If pastors has chosen the Gold, Grand or Global Memberships, he they will serve as the Dean of their local, regional or global divinity school. The Dean’s Award is given to those students who have completed the learning levels of Novice and Apprentice in all seven ministry tracks.

If a pastor has chosen the Growth Membership, the Dean’s Award will be sent electronically, signed by the Board of Governors.


The Chancellor’s Award is given to all students who have completed the learning levels of Novice, Apprentice, Specialist, Docent and Maven for all seven ministry tracks. This prestigious award will be provided electronically to the student, signed by the Board of Governors.


Once the Christian leaders have completed all seven levels of learning for all seven ministry tracks, they will have opportunity to achieve the Omega Credential. The Omega Credential is only given after a three-day intensive with one of the Board of Governors. The Board of Governors is comprised of the finest ministry leaders from around the world.

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